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About us

Who we are

A short history.

GSHconsulting consists of a dynamic and dedicated team of young professionals from the United States and Germany, each specialized in a certain field of expertise. From building websites, over internal accounting and customer relationship management systems to taxation (US-only) and marketing as well as strategy development; the team as a whole is ready to cover nearly every aspect of your business.  

Valuable contacts into different industrial niches, e.g. clothing, manufacturing, medical services, foodstuff and other FMCGs give us the insight to correctly assess situations and develop strategies for the future.  

Key facts & services

  • International Team
  • Specialized Members
  • CRM Systems adapted to your needs
  • Accounting
  • Taxation (US only)
  • Marketing
  • Brand Development
  • Individual Websites
  • SEO / SEA
  • Web & E-Mail Hosting

Why choose our company? 

Customer Tailored IT Services

May it be a new or redesigned website, an expensive mail service you want to quit or the integration of online services such as SEO and SEA into your marketing mix, our IT team is ready to listen to your needs and follow up with tailor-made solutions that fit the situation of your business.  Visit our Portfolio

Sound Accounting & Taxation

Our experts strive to offer you superior service for your accounting and taxation needs. We know businesses of all sizes and that every facet of the finance and accounting requires a different solution. We provide insight and guidance in areas such as payroll, bookkeeping, and balancing financial statements. We will work with your unique business to find tax laws and deductions that will save you money and improve the security and credibility of your business. The goal is to bring assurance to business owners that they are safe and secure and are making the best accounting decisions that they can.

Engaging Design & Marketing

Our design and marketing specialists work hand in hand to identify impactful solutions to boost your business. From business cards, flyers and banners over online and offline events to the interior design of your store or restaurant, we are there for you to build a strong and remarkable brand.  

Continuous Business Development

Having analyzed your business model and in accordance to your financials as well as personal situation, we will identify opportunities as well as risks for the years to come, readying your business for the future. Through substantial growth plans and regular follow-ups we ensure that our plans do not remain theoretical ideas but are implemented to grow and strengthen your operations. What sets us apart is the ability and readiness to join your own team in executing the strategy. 


Our latest projects

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