IT, Accounting and Strategy for SMEs

The area of Supply Chain Management is just as important for most businesses as selling the finished product.

SCM takes a look at the movement and storage of raw, in-progess and processed goods throughout the entire value creation process. Without well-organized procurement, not even the greatest sales will sustain you over time. GSHconsulting will analyze your current partnerships and conditions with suppliers, research purchasing and storage opportunities and optimize every step of your production process. The benefits generated through adequate scaling of your operations allow you to drive down the cost per item, increasing your margin on every product sold.

Lean Management

Adapting your business to the Just-in-Time principles grants cost and time benefits.

Maximized Utilization

The higher the utilization of your infrastructure, the lower the cost per item, thereby increasing the margin.

Key Facts

  • Reduce Cost per Item Produced
  • Decrease Infrastructure Need
  • Increase Margin


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