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As part of the Sales Promotion, our GSHconsulting team will analyze your current sales, optimize existing infrastructure, develop new channels and form strategic partnerships.

Sales Promotion is an excellent way of maximizing the utilization rate of your current capacities, thus reducing the cost per item and giving you the ability to expand further. During the Sales Promotion your distribution channel and end-consumer are under inspection in order to help you launch a new product, empty your warehouses or gain marketshare with a more short-term orientated strategy. Sales Promotion is therefore a very influential tool at the beginning or end of a product's lifetime cycle. Ever since 2012 Sales Promotion spending has been rising in North America and is now ranked slightly below general advertising and sponsorship.

Driving Business

Adding new and optimizing old distribution channels will boost revenue and lower the cost per item.

Opening Up New Markets

Discovering completely new markets is risky, yet highly rewarding as previously untapped sources are made available.

Key Facts

  • Increase Revenue
  • Optimize Utilization
  • New Distribution Channels


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