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During a conflict resolution or reconciliation project GSHconsulting will mediate during internal and external conflicts, giving you the ability to return to your operational business as soon as possible.

From structuring deals with suppliers to handling disputes among employees or management, trained negotiators will aim for a compromise that is most beneficial for our clients. Should you be interested in conducting training for your managers or general staff our experts will be happy to share techniques and skills in order to prevent conflicts in the first place. Educating your employees to form a less dispute-driven workplace environment will grant many positive effects in nearly every area of your company.


Dispute avoidance saves time and potentially money, while at the same time benefiting the corporate culture.

Partner Relations

Negotiating the best deal at conditions that are sustainable for all parties is necessary for long-term partnerships with suppliers and retailers.

Key Facts

  • Lawsuit Avoidance
  • Negotiate Contracts
  • Form Relationships


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