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Social Media Marketing

Boost your business through social media channels

As the corporate communication evolved from a “sending information” stage to a more dialogue-orientated approach, more and more companies engage on social media. Social networks have paved the way for many industry sectors to reach out to their target groups and build relationships with their clients, leading to reoccurring sales and even private brand ambassadors.

Use Social Media to interact with
and attract new customers.

GSHconsulting is ready to plan and execute your
online representation and marketing strategy.

Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
allow members to share, comment, refer and communicate about personal as well
as business-related topics. If you are looking to get viral attention, publish corporate news,
increase your brand’s awareness, build up an image, or win over new staff or clients, a professional
appearance in social networks is the best solution for you.

Are you already represented in all social networks?
GSHconsulting will gladly optimize and expand your pages and reach.


World's biggest social network

Roughly one billion users worldwide engage on Facebook, the most influential social network to date. Through a Facebook business page you will access a new channel that allows you to communicate directly with your target audience through posts, offers, events and even private messages, possibly turning customers into brand ambassadors. To reach this final step, a professional community-management, content monitoring as well as long-term posting strategies are needed. Our social media experts will work by your side to make your Facebook page a success.


Short messaging online

With statuses up to 140 characters, the goal on Twitter is to gather as many active followers as possible in order to grow your direct and indirect reach. Celebrities, politicians, organizations, companies and mass media use Twitter as a fast channel to broadcast short messages over the Internet. In order to grow your follower count, an active use of Twitter through posting and following other pages is required.

Google +

Increasingly important for business

Google+ or Google Plus was launched in fall 2011 and has grown to be the world's second largest social network. Although Google+ exhibits many similarities to Facebook, it offers a variety of added services that go beyond a pure social network. Through so called "circles" authors are able to better channel their posts and an active Google+ account can have a positive effect on your overall search engine results making Google+ an asset for every SEO campaign.


The world's biggest video-platform

With a growing infrastructure worldwide, videos are the marketing of the future. With short, informative yet funny videos you will have the opportunity to entertain and engage a broad audience. A free YouTube account allows you to work on your company’s image and to present new products in an appealing way. Through social media integration, it is possible to share your videos on your other social media channels such as Facebook and Google+. 1 million new videos are uploaded and 2 billion videos are watched everyday.


Simple professional networking

Should your company be represented anywhere in Europe, most prominently in Germany, Xing is an alternative worth considering. The accumulation of managers and skilled personnel on Xing makes the contacts incredibly more valuable and gives you the chance to target a group with high spending-power. With over 11 million users worldwide Xing is a great outlet for business partnerships through its selected community and resourceful search engine. Xing favors and supports active pages with regular status updates and event invites.


Your open diary

Public blogs can be used to inform individuals and companies about ongoing offers, new products or future plans of your company. Through comment fields, the readers can engage with the blog and discuss their thoughts along with your own ideas openly, generating direct feedback. Blogs demand very intensive care as even one-month-old articles already lose their attraction. Social network integration is crucial in increasing the blog’s audience.

Social Media Marketing Plans

Account Analysis

Defining your baseline

On Request

  • During the strategy development phase PR specialists will take a closer look at your past performance, current trends in your industry and draft a competitor analysis. Based on the findings a long-term strategy is developed that will define your social media marketing in the future. Designing your account in the correct manner saves time and money in the long run as all necessary infrastructure will already be in place. Taking advantage of all the options Facebook and other social sites have to offer will also increase the effectiveness, thus the return on investment of your social media campaign.
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A great start into the social world

$ 800 Monthly

  • 4 Facebook posts / week
  • 5 Twitter posts / week
  • 2 events or offers / month
  • 2 blog posts / month
  • $100 advertising budget
  • With the Standard package your company will be able to continuously grow its online presence and expand your reach from week to week. With multiple events and offers being hosted each month, long-term relationships with clients are possible, opening up the most profitable customer segment to your firm.
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Tailored Solution for your Company

On Request

  • Adapted to your needs
  • Preliminary Consultation included
  • Free quotes and flexible payment options
  • Our individual services for social media advertisement are tailored to the specific needs of your company. From start-ups to large corporations, our specialists will assist you in defining the optimal marketing strategy. Request a personal contact.
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