IT, Accounting and Strategy for SMEs

Payroll Processing is crucial in a small businesses. It is easy to overlook as something that doesn't require as much of your attention, but it is very important for a smooth running business.

GSHconsulting offers several levels of payroll services. It all depends on how much you want us to handle. We can tackle paychecks and payroll taxes. We want to make sure that you are focusing on your business operations and not worrying about the hassle of payroll for your employees. Our specialists will handle every detail of your payroll system ensure peace of mind for you and your employees. We will take care of the processing, filing and tax deposits. At the same time, we will make sure that the controls in your business are secure and that no one has the opportunity to cheat the system at any point and embezzle money from your company.

Payroll and Employee Management

Our payroll services are designed for your convenience. Your priority is managing your employees, and our priority is making that easier for you. Let us help you and your employees get the care and attention that they deserve.

Internal Control Testing and Fraud Prevention

Small businesses are susceptible to fraud and weak internal controls because of their inherent cost. We offer internal control services to prevent fraud and embezzling from within the company.

Key Facts

  • Secure and Accurate Payroll Processing
  • Internal Control Testing and Fraud Prevention
  • Taking the Stress out of Payroll


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